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Manage Your Google My Business Profile

The Least Expensive, Most Effective Online Visibility Possible. 

Google My Business Regimens and Search Index regimens for maximum organic search results. This, according to analysts, could be more important than a website for local businesses.

Google Now Allows Google My Business for Online Only Companies!

Let's see if I can help.


Crazy Cools Cars an active Darling Digtal Group.

Sponsor Social Media Groups!

Incredible Collaborative and Referral Marketing.

Darling Digital has dozens of Social Media Specific Interest Groups that we are already building with you in mind, and they are available for sponsorship.  Target/specific custom groups available too. 

 Let Darling Digital create and populate a dynamic social media group for you today. 


Website Construction

Building Beautiful Websites: Design and Construction.

Designed to Engage and Convert.  

For over twenty years I've built sites that sell products online, are the face of a local store or a vehicle for delivering your services around the world.  Simple websites, optimized, that work.

All websites come complete with a one-year management/maintenance program, consulting RE: Google My Business

Craig W. Darling

Managing Your Google Tools!

I've been on the leading edge of internet sales since 1992.  If I have learned anything about this arm of marketing, your "Google My Business" profile, for local business, is more important than your website.  Start using free Google tools and get ready for incredible engagement directly from Search, Maps, and Images.

GMB Management

Google Tools Training

Google Tools Training

Daily regimens created that elevate your GMB profile higher in search results. These regimens include content briefs that are published to search engines making your Business profile more relevant. 

Google Tools Training

Google Tools Training

Google Tools Training

I offer online courses in Google My Business Management for the do it yourself small business owner/operator and salespeople. Enjoy regular live online consulting sessions.

The first one thousand members become the beta class, for one affordable fee and will never have another fee for the GMB training videos. Lifetime access!

Collaborative Google

Google Tools Training

Clean & Beautiful Website Designs

Bringing businesses from the same or similar fields together in one state of the art website, with a trackable phone system, lead capture pages, and my daily Google regimen.  This is a place to get more bang for your buck.

More clicks - Less Cost - Better ROI

Clean & Beautiful Website Designs

Clean & Beautiful Website Designs

Clean & Beautiful Website Designs

All the websites that I build are simple and easy to navigate.  If you're a family-owned business, I've got the website portfolio for you.  Anyone of my websites is rated in the top 20% of websites on the web. According to a third-party analytics provider. 

Facebook Regimens

Clean & Beautiful Website Designs

Facebook Regimens

My Facebook posting regimens are designed to use FB to index your business more and more on search. Each post contains a content brief, a photo, keyword, key phrase, a URL, and, perhaps, a hashtag.  When you need daily FB management my fees are reasonable and my regimen effective. Facebook Management includes full digital consulting services. 


Clean & Beautiful Website Designs

Facebook Regimens

If you have a B2B operation you should consider our Linked-In regimen.  It's designed to give you enhanced visibility to aid your sales efforts. 

Business Profiles

Business Groups

Personal Profile Coaching